When I quit my career in computing in 1995, I had no idea that I was about to become a regular traveller let alone a photographer. After my first few hesitant steps in this amazingly different culture, begun on the back of my short association with Therevada Buddhism in Brighton, England, I soon found my feet and learned to explore this new world, both without and within.
Alien Tree at Angkor Wat
"All This !" Sadhu, Nepal
Apsara, Cambodia
Balancing Boulder, Burma
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The internal journey, whilst inseparable from the outer has been far more subtle and diaphanous in its experiences and communicability.

The outer adventures gradually became more absorbing and, via writing, sketching and then photography developed into a wealth of tangible images and memories collected over nearly 3 years of transience between England, South East Asia and New Zealand, as I continued to seek to create the lifestyle whose elusiveness prompted the travelling in the first place.

Venus or Buddha ? Thailand
Buddha Hand, Thailand
Buddha Watching, Thailand
Offerings, Thailand
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As I experienced the people, landscapes, temples, sights, sounds, smells, sensations and began to get beneath the surface of languages and customs as I travelled, I found the reality of South East Asia to be diverse and complex beyond belief. Every new country I visited, from Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia (then later Nepal via Bangladesh) opened unimaginable and uncountable variations of culture, religion, tradition, music, art and custom, of which I could only absorb a small fraction.
Plaited Beauty, Burma
Monk and Coke, Thailand
Ballusters and Boys, Cambodia
Kayin Girl, Burma
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But by lingering longer; by participating more and more, I felt less of an observer and more a part of the images and issues by which I surrounded myself.

Young Monk, Burma
Market Woman, Burma
Boys from Rangoon, Burma
Melon Vendor, Burma
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The photographs and stories I present here are just a small selection from my already rich and plentiful cache. Though the depth of my ever-growing fascination may not initially be obvious from them, nor what this period meant to me, they nevertheless capture, for me the very essence and Vision of Asia.