Helping You Afford Your Body Balance
Whilst most people are happy to just buy and consume their own Body Balance, some others do naturally mention the drink to others. Still others do it more specifically so that they can get a small 'Thank You cheque' each time, which helps to offset the cost of their own order.
Regular Thank-You Cheque

Think of the metaphor of buying a coffee in your favourite café : you already go there regularly ‘cos they serve a great flat white, right ? It costs you $4.00. Whenever you refer a friend to that café, and they go and buy a coffee themselves, what if the café paid you a small “Thank You” commission next time  ?

So you think “Hmmm, if I did that say half a dozen times, I could get my coffee for free, and maybe even get paid to go & drink coffee, just because I told a few friends And now they tell their friends, the café’s doing a roaring trade & I get paid a regular commission, not only on the people I directly referred, but also those they referred indirectly too !” Everyone wins :-)

Sounds too good to be true !

Well, imagine it wasn’t coffee, but a unique, natural liquid whole food which had the ability to restore and balance health and wellbeing, your own and others’ everyday, no limits, and where you earned a “Thank You” commission for sharing those health benefits with others every time they order and improve their health too, month after month? And that commission was much more than a few cents ?

I think you’ve got the picture, right ? So, here's a way to start:

  • 1) Using my referral PIN of 182296, you register as a Customer and order a 2 (or 4-pack) of Body Balance
  • 2) You use the product and receive the benefits each day
  • 3) You tell others & invite them to buy direct too
  • 4) Life Force 'make the sale' and send out the order
  • 5) You get paid for the referral
  • 6) Later you could also invite and help others do what you just did too, but you don't have to go that far if you don't want to :-)

For example, if you're ordering a 2-pack of Body Balance, and you refer another person who also orders the same pack, you will get a "Thank You cheque" of US$18.15 for that first order, and then anywhere between US$8.25 and US$14.85 per month for each subsequent order that person makes. Depending on which country you live in, these cheques can really offset your own order cost: and you can do the math to work out how few referrals you'd need to cover all of your own 2-pack order :-)

Getting More of your Products Paid-for

Some people order quite a bit more Body Balance or other products each month (maybe they're a couple or have a family) and having the option to get more money back reallly appeals to them.

Life Force now have something called "Get My 3 Free": basically it's a way for you to cover your own 4-pack by introducing 3 other customers on a similar 4-pack order. Full details here.

Other ways to get your larger Life Force product orders covered can be done in a similar way to the example above. Better still, I'd be very happy to chat about the specifics with you. Please feel free to contact me here, and we can run through that, with no pressure or obligation, OK ?

Full or Part-Time Income

This is something you might want to look at, either right from the start, or down the track when you're more familiar with the products you're using, but can see that there's a real way to do more than just getting your own product costs covered.

By this we mean to actively start using Life Force orders to generate more of an income each month, whether for a few hundred dollars or eventually you want something that can even replace your current income.

Here's a bit more information and ways to begin looking at this.


One way to see how this works...
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My Own "Giving/Funding Project"

One of my long term goals in creating a residual income with Life Force was to be able to spend 1/2 my year travelling back to Asia and Central America to continue and develop more aid and trade projects like I'd recently begun.

In the end though, I couldn't wait till I had the full-time income, so I went ahead and founded Friends of the World anyway, as a fund-holder where those Life Force commissions can be directed into my projects as real money, which makes a difference to those people as well as keeping me vibrant and happy at my ability to travel and enjoy life ! Read more here.

"I've Got a Few More Questions"

This link will give you access to more useful resources and information about choosing Word-of-Mouth referral as a viable income (including FAQs, Who's Joining, Features and Benefits and how Like a Franchise it is).

"What Do I Do Next ?"

The simplest way to order is as follows:

  • Call Life Force anytime Mon-Fri (toll free on):
  • 0800-445-967 in NZ
  • 1800-888-306 in Australia
  • 800-531-4877 in USA
  • 800-860-0288 in Canada
  • 800-6161-937 in Singapore
  • Say you want to register as a new Customer, and then Customer Services will take your details: upto you if you want to receive email or not. If not, just say 'no' to that option.
  • They'll ask you for a 'sponsor/referral PIN number'. Please give them this number: 182296 so we can identify who referred you (orders can only be made with a valid referral PIN).
  • They'll confirm and give you your own Customer PIN to record for future use.
  • Then say you want to set up your first Autoship order: you'll need your credit card number: Have a look at the full range of products you'd like to order. Or you may choose to start on 2 or 4 bottles per month, and add others later.
  • Products normally take 2-3 working days to be delivered, using courier delivery.
  • They all have that 45 day money back guarantee, don't forget, even on the empty bottles , so it's risk free from that point of view, for your re-assurance.

Hopefully this is all clear for you, though again, please don't hesitate to contact me if there are any other questions or queries.

Alternatively, you can order online : just follow this link . (Use the same PIN referral number : 182296 if it has not automatically appeared on your order-details page, and be sure to select your country)

All prices shown online are 'regular' prices. Wholesale-direct prices (a saving of approx 10%) are gained by registering for the 'autoship' option.



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