The Reason : Giving First

One of my long term goals in creating a residual income with Life Force was to be able to spend 1/2 my year travelling back to Asia and Central America to continue and develop more aid and trade projects like I'd recently begun.

In the end though, I couldn't wait till I had the full-time income, so I went ahead and founded Friends of the World anyway, as a fund-holder where those Life Force commissions can be directed into my projects as real money, which makes a difference to those people as well as keeping me vibrant and happy at my ability to travel and enjoy life !

"Friends of The World"

Let me first say that Friends of the World is not at this point, a registered charity, nor is it a not-for-profit organisation. It's an independent entity I created myself, and whilst it has its own 'business position', there is no offical 'sanction' from Life Force.

I personally wanted to see this happen, so I did what it took.

All income (less nominal monthly qualifying investment of consumable Life Force wellness product) is accrued to be directed into current and future projects.

The majority of income is derived from Life Force commissions, as follows (however, other profits from the sale of ethnic goods, crafts etc, and other related incomes are fed back into the funds).

Here's an overview of how it works: for every new order of Body Balance by a customer who registers (that is, someone who simply prefers to consume the wellness product only) the monthly, ongoing commissions generated from their order(s) go directly to the dedicated FOTW fund-account I've set up, from which more 'out-giving' (as described in Friends of The World website) happens each year or at regular intervals, dictated by the nature of each venture or sponsorship project; eg sponsor a new child/children in Nepal or India, expanding possible markets for Maria and help others in Central America to connect to people who want to support and do business with them (see Future Projects or contact me directly to find out more).

Meantime, you and people you know can be an active part of this, simply for the price each month of your own Body Balance and nutritional self-care.

For example, when you order a 2-pack of Body Balance as a Customer, this creates for the fund a "Thank You cheque" of US$18.15 for that first order, and then US$8.25 per month for each subsequent month the order continues.

If you later refer someone else to make a similar 2-pack order, that will also generate US$3.30 each month for Friends of The World (and a little 'Thank You cheque' for you !).

Just those 2 regular monthly orders alone would generate almost US$150 for the year; enough to sponsor two Tibetan children in school in Nepal, for example.

FOTW receives no cash or money from customers: orders & payments are made directly to Life Force, who ship products direct & pay the commissions each month to FOTW.

If you wish to find out more, and for more specifics on how the income works, or about the Body Balance and the other wellness products, or anything else for that matter, please refer to other areas of this website, or at any time, contact me here and lets talk it through together.

I like to think of it like this: Life Force created a highly beneficial nutritional drink 25 years ago: you order and get started and each month your ongoing order creates a commission which helps Friends of the World help someone not 'with a hand-out' but actually empowering them to better their opportunities....which helps them develop and help.... who knows who else.... ??!!


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