Balance your Body Naturally

When was the last time you had an orange that only provided Vitamin C and nothing else, or a carrot that only contained Vitamin A? Obviously, nature doesn’t work that way. Unlike the foods we eat, most vitamin and mineral supplements are isolated or perhaps even synthesized in a laboratory setting. These manhandled supplements are difficult for the body to digest and use. In contrast, Body Balance draws from the most nutritional foods on earth to provide the body with the kind of whole nutrition in liquid form, as nature designed.

Nine distinct Sea Vegetables combine with certified organic Aloe Vera juice, Black Cherry essence and a touch of Honey.

It was winter & wet. I lived in a dark, damp home with no sun and every morning woke at 5am on the edge of depression.... (read my personal health challenges and testimony)

So this synergistic combination naturally provides over 121 documented essential nutrients (including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and enzymes) in each delicious serving — organically bound in a natural ionic liquid format, they are completely bioavailable for immediate assimilation and use at the cellular level.

Why Body Balance ?

Here's an interesting article, written as a transcript of an interview with Manfred Raunigg in 2006; a biodynamic gardener in the South Island of New Zealand. Manfred spoke about nutrition, soil deficiency, mineral deficiencies in our bodies, our nutrient-rich oceans, sea vegetation, and supplementation. The talk was given to people who are supplementing their diet with Body Balance, a liquid, organic whole food nutritional product from Life Force International (this article requires Adobe Acrobat Reader: download it here )

From the Sea
Sea vegetables are one of the oldest forms of life on the planet and have been used for thousands of years by Asian cultures as a major source of food and medicine. The Japanese people in particular, who consume an abundance of sea vegetables, have been revered for their enduring health and vitality. Incredibly, there are over 23,000 Japanese citizens currently living healthy, active lives over the age of 100, a record no other culture has been able to match.
From the Land
The Aloe Vera in Body Balance is certified organically grown and carries the seal of the International Aloe Science Council. The Aloe leaf contains over 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds. For centuries Aloe Vera has been used throughout the world for medicinal and skin care purposes, but some of its most powerful effects are achieved through consumption. In the last 50 years alone, nearly 500 medical studies have been published documenting the modern uses of Aloe Vera.
The 8 essential 'Glyconutrients'
What makes Body Balance so unique is that it provides the eight essential glyconutrients, which are important for proper cellular communication. If cells cannot communicate their needs, then cellular structures will not be repaired or built correctly, and cells will not function properly. They will weaken, become ineffective, and eventually wither and die. When this breaking down process is repeated many times in a single tissue, it develops an increased vulnerability to premature aging and disease. These eight glyconutrients are essential for optimal health and are found in Body Balance.
How to Order Body Balance

The simplest way to order is as follows:

  • Call Life Force anytime Mon-Fri (toll free on):
  • 0800-445-967 in NZ
  • 1800-888-306 in Australia
  • 800-531-4877 in USA
  • 800-860-0288 in Canada
  • 800-6161-937 in Singapore
  • Say you want to register as a new Customer, and then Customer Services will take your details: upto you if you want to receive email or not. If not, just say 'no' to that option.
  • They'll ask you for a 'sponsor/referral PIN number'. Please give them this number: 20827860 ("Friends of the World") so we can identify who referred you (orders can only be made with a valid referral PIN).
  • They'll confirm and give you your own Customer PIN to record for future use.
  • Then say you want to set up your first Autoship order: you'll need your credit card number: I always suggest start on the 4 pack first month and go from there (with my support and info): although the order is 'auto' shipped each month, you can ring in anytime and change the order, hold it, cancel it: whatever. There's no fees for any of this nor contract you're locked into. You may choose to stay on 4 bottles per month or later go to 2 bottles (for more of a 'maintenance serving')
  • Products normally take 2-3 working days to be delivered, using courier delivery.
  • They all have that 45 day money back guarantee, don't forget, even on the empty bottles, so it's risk free from that point of view, for your re-assurance.

Hopefully this is all clear for you, though again, please don't hesitate to contact me if there are any other questions or queries.

Alternatively, you can order online : just follow this link . (When you get to that page, choose your own Country at the top-right of the screen. Use the same PIN referral number: 20827860 if it has not automatically appeared on your order-details page)

All prices shown online are 'regular' prices. Wholesale-direct prices (a saving of approx 10%) are gained by registering for the 'autoship' option.



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